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Registration Requirements:
To practice as a registered nurse in Canada, a Nurse must be registered with the Registered Nurses Association of a specific province. Legislation also Requires that anyone using the title "nurse" be a member of An association, the College of Psychiatric Nurses or the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Of the specific province.

Nurses who have never been registered Canada can apply to an association to have their ligibility for registration Assessed. In accordance with the Nurses (Registered) Act And Rules under the Act, each application is assessed to Determine if the applicant meets the following requirements:

  • Completion of a nursing education program deemed Equivalent to an approved Provincial program at The time of assessment for registration.

  • Competence to practice as a nurse - based on nursing Education or practice hours in the previous five years, Employment references, and registration examination Results.

  • Good character - based on references, no record of Outstanding criminal charges or convictions relevant to The practice of nursing or membership in the Association, and no dishonesty or misrepresentation on Application for membership.

  • Fitness to engage in the practice of nursing - based on Satisfactory employment references, registration in good Standing in other jurisdictions, no health problems that Impair ability to practice, and fluency in English.

    In order to have an Application assessed, all applicants for registration need to Submit the following:

  • A completed and notarized application form;
  • Proof of identity - usually a birth certificate or other Legal document showing date of birth and any name(s) Used by the applicant;

  • An assessment fee;
  • A completed professional experience record Form, with consent for the association to contact employers For references;

  • Verification of previous registration as a nurse from Each jurisdiction where previously registered, sent Directly to the association from the regulatory body (if Currently registered and working in another Canadian Jurisdiction, all previous verifications may not be Required.

  • If educated outside Canada, transcripts of nursing Education showing courses completed and hours of Theoretical and clinical instruction, sent directly to The association by the school of nursing (if currently Registered in another Canadian jurisdiction, transcripts Are not required);

  • A signed form, provided by the association, consenting to a Criminal record check under the Criminal Records Review Act;

  • If native or first language is not English, score results Of TOEFL/TSE tests or IELTS test of English fluency, Sent directly to RNABC from the testing center (TOEFL paper-based test score required - 550; TOEFL Computer-based test score required - 213; TSE score Required - 50; IELTS academic test score required - Overall band score of 6.5 with a band score of 7 on the Speaking test and no band score less than 6); and

  • Examination results from the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE), or NLN-SBTPE Examination (verification forms from other Canadian Jurisdictions or from the United States usually include These results).

    Questions and Answers?
    What happens to an application when received by the association?

    An application goes through several steps before registration Is granted to the applicant.

    Step 1: Preassessment

  • Documents received by the association, such as verifications Or transcripts, are matched with the application and a File is established.

  • The applicant is notified in writing if there are Outstanding documents or problems with the Application.

  • The association requests a reference directly from the current Or recent employer.
    Step 2: Assessment

  • When all required documents have been received, the Application is assessed.

  • If the applicant is eligible for registration, the association Sends an initial registration form and notification of the Required membership fee.

  • If the applicant is not yet eligible, the association notifies Him/her in writing of any outstanding requirements.

    If the applicant is required to take the registration Examination, and has met all other requirements for Registration, an exam application is sent. The exam is Written four times a year - January, June, August and October. If successful on the exam, the association sends an Initial registration form and notification of the required Membership fee to the applicant.

    Step 3: Registration

  • When the completed initial registration form and fees Are received, all information is checked and registration Is usually granted provided the criminal record check Has been completed.

    How long does the process take?
    The length of time for registration depends on how quickly The association receives documents.

  • An applicant who is registering in Canada for the first Time receives an assessment letter outlining any Remaining requirements for registration, usually within 4-5 months. The time period to eligibility for Registration will vary depending on which requirements Have to be met.

    What usually causes delays in the process?
    The process can be delayed by any of the following:

  • An incomplete application;
  • Outstanding fees;
  • Outstanding or incomplete documentation;
  • Unsatisfactory references;
  • Discipline in another jurisdiction; or
  • A criminal charge or conviction.

    Can an applicant work as a nurse while meeting Registration requirements?

    Nurses from other countries who have met all

  • Requirements for registration except the examination,
  • Have not previously failed the examination and have
  • Applied to write the examination, may also be eligible
  • To practice nursing on an interim permit.

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